Glasses and Me

Many of you probably don't know but I wear glasses. Mainly for computer work and driving but I always struggle to find nice ones to choose. SmartBuyGlasses offer an affordable range of glasses online and also run an amazing scheme where they donate a pair of glasses for every pair you buy. I thought I would put a list of my favourites together!

(Clockwise from top left)
  • Silhouette - Whilst not being the most eye catching I like the idea that the glasses aren't the first thing people see on your face. These are simple, tiny frames but with a classic style.
  • Ray Ban - Okay everyone seems to love this brand. mainly because the glasses seem to suit everyone!
  • Tom Ford - I love these Tom Ford Cat's Eye glasses, mainly because they are so different and retro feeling that I want to channel my inner fifties goddess. 
  • Burberry - These seem to take bits from each of the other glasses to create something quite gorgeous!

What type of glasses do you prefer? At the moment I have plain red rectangle style ones but looking at these I'm definitely up for changing!
How do they look?

I used the site's 3D try on facility to do this!

(Disclaimer: This was a sponsored Post)


  1. I love Wayfarer style glasses, especially my Raybans <3
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I love working in optics - glasses are just fascinating! Tom Fords & Raybans are definitely my favourite makes too.