Joules Lunch Bag Review

Joules are one of our favourite UK brands, the main problem we have is that it's a bit of a luxury for us. We love all of their boys clothing ranges especially the accessories. When they offered to send us the wonderful Shark Lunch Bag I jumped at the opportunity as I had been eyeing it anyway!

The bag itself is really sturdy, a perfect size for little hands and surprisingly spacious for the small outside. We have been using it for the past week and Max has refused to eat any meal that isn't served in the lunch bag! I have to admit I have also been stealing it for when I've worked longer shifts at work... And I got compliments from everyone!

We took the lunch bag out to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and packed it with fruit and Graze boxes we still had left. As you can see the lunch bag is lined with a wipe clean material and comes supplied with a plastic container and a separate compartment for all the other bits. We have easily fit a pasta salad in the bottom bit and fruit, carton of juice and crisps at the top. There is even an elastic pocket on the other side so you can pop some wipes in there. 

The lunch bag is so eye catching that Max walks around holding it with pride using the carry handle. It would have been great to have had longer straps so he could almost wear it but that's mainly for my own convenience as I normally carry it too. It would also have been great to have had space for a proper drinks bottle. Having said that we can easily fit cartons in there which is perfectly fine. I'm just nit picking a perfectly amazing bag!

Even better? It stands up on it's own. Even when it's top heavy it will stand up. It's so much better for Max as he can just slip things out without them falling all over the place. 

Overall this is a gorgeous little lunch bag that can fill up more than just your little lad or lady. There is a phenomenal amount of space and an eye catching cover that parents and little children will adore. 

We were gifted this for review purposes. 

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  1. Oooh it's really sweet. I love Joules too! I got a rain mac from them about 5 years ago and it comes to Reading with me every year!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten