Kid's Shoes.

Why do kid's shoes always look so damn good?! Maybe it's because most of them are replica's of adults and look itty bitty and sweet. Here are my favourites:

Toms Botas Red Bandana Print - 

I absolutely love these shoes, so much so that I got some for Max in the Office sale. They have velcro sides near the top of the shoe so that it's easier to slip on than laces. Also the pattern is so unusual and adorable that you can't help but fall in love for a little boy or girl. 

Vans Half Cab Shoes - 

These are amazing. Max has only just started to fit into high tops properly. He had a really bad case of cankles so now that he's getting taller the cute shoes are starting to fit him better! As with above I got these in a sale. 

Nike Blazers - 

Okay, I'll stop with the high tops. These are just too adorable. Max's god mum has a pair exactly the same so I would probably do that cheesy thing of making sure they had the same on whenever they saw each other.

Converse Lo Blue - 

Every kid needs a pair of Converse. They are made for jumping in leaves and trampling everywhere. Also the colour is fabulous!

Joules JNR Shark Welly - 

This pattern is the same as Max's lunch bag from Joules and I love it so much that I want the shoes so he has a matching set when he goes to play group in September.

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