Taming the Terrible Twos

Being two and a half is tough. You can't do things that adults do and you don't want to be seen as a baby because let's face it, you can talk and walk and do things most people can do. 

Max is within the full blown swing of the terrible twos. Anything from a wrong dvd to cutting his sandwiches wrong can result in a meltdown bigger than the ice caps in Ice Age. Whilst this can be hilarious we can also struggle with taking control of the situation. Especially when we are out and about. 

When at home we try and distract him, whether that be taking him into another room, putting on a dvd or singing a song. Most of the time it works. The other times we place him in a quiet place to calm down so that he can compose himself. 

Out and about is trickier. Mainly because he doesn't go in a pram anymore. He's been seen throwing himself across the aisle in Tescos. The main things we've done are getting down and talking on his level and then either carrying him if he's crying his eyes out or sitting down on the next available seat until he calms down. 

Whilst his tantrums hopefully won't last too much longer it's hard to watch him in a state of upset so we always remember to give him cuddles when he is happy!

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  1. I remember the terrible twos! I have twins and a singleton too. They seem to swap the terrible twos for the next stage before you know it. My 8 year old is now at the answering back stage and I would quite happily go back to the terrible twos!