What's In My Bag

I've never done one of these before, and now that Max is nearly out of nappies and doesn't need hundreds of things carting round it means that I can use my bog for my things all the time!

I have a gorgeous chestnut Zatchels bag which I bought when I sold Max's changing bag. It was around the time of my graduation and thought that I would definitely use it every day and get my moneys worth. I was fortunate that I found a really good deal on a kids clothing website who had just started stocking them!

As you can see despite not having the biggest of bags I still fit a lot in there...

An abundance of children's paraphernalia. 
I always carry a spare toilet training pant for Max as I never know when he will have an accident while we are out. He's great at home but still a bit iffy when we are out shopping. 
Also I carry wipes as I feel like I constantly need them to keep sticky fingers at bay. 
And randomly I found a Toy Story figurine, apparently I always need a toy for Max! 

Now along to my stuff. 
I have my sunglasses which I love, I may have to buy a new pair though as they have a bit of a scratch at the edge of one of the lenses. 
My Tangle Tamer as my hair is always knotted, especially before work so this is perfect for making it look a bit neater.
My Cath Kidston purse which I've had for about 3 years now and hasn't died on me! It's always stuffed with receipts. 
Clinique Chubby stick for when I'm on a night out, not so much for working as I only work in a book shop!
Benefit Fake Up. My go to makeup when I don't have enough time to put my face on before work. 
EOS Lip Balm that my darling friend Jess got me. It smells divine and I love it.
Soap and Glory Hand Food. I work with books which really dries out your hands so I am applying this about three times a shift to keep them hydrated and soft. 
Lush Vanillary. This is my go to scent for work as it can be hidden in a drawer behind the desk (along with my hand cream and lip balm) so when I get a bit musky from the old books I can apply some more!

And finally a book. I mean I do work in a book store after all. At the moment it's my Neil Gaiman 'Fortunately The Milk' proof which is such a hilarious children's book that everyone should read it when it comes out. 

So that's a boring look at the abundance of contents for my tiny bag. 

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