Why Do You Love Books So Much?

So I work in a book shop. This is probably the best and worst place for me to work. On one hand I get to find new books, meet authors, read fantastic proofs and champion some of my favourite titles. On the other hand it leaves me broke most months.

I love books. For as long as I can remember books have always been my safe place. I can curl up in a corner when things are going wrong and read. I'm transported to somewhere that is different. Somewhere that for one moment I don't have to worry about bills, work or other grown up things. 

I have life long favourites that I can turn to and find the right bit I need to make me feel so much better. And new books are always so exciting.

Working in a bookshop will never be long term for me. Only because it really doesn't pay well and I want to spend more time writing myself. Being in there has given me the bug to write something down myself. 

Do you love books? 

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