Guest Post: Ana and Oliver

When Laura asked me to write a guest post for her, my intentions were to do a Mummy and Toddler OOTD, but having looked thorough the pictures we had taken, I realised they weren't what we needed. But I came across this..

Oliver had turned my head and planted a big kiss on my lips. In that second, all I could feel was love. Love for this small child of mine, I know he loves me, I know I'm doing a good job in loving him, showing and teaching him how to love, ironically it was him who really showed me how to love too.

As parents, plans get made and remade, just like my plans for this post did. But I'm continuing to learn to make the best of whatever happens. 

This picture is going to be a favourite of mine, reminding me to love, and to let myself be loved too - which we, as parents can often forget. 

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