Guest Post: Letter To Riley

Seeing as I'm away for a few days I thought I would get some lovely bloggers to post some guest posts for you all. First up is Emma who blogs at Handbags to Changebags.

Dear Riley

It's almost been 3 years since I first held you in my weak, shaking arms after a horrible and lengthy labour, I was so scared that I was going to drop you so I held you really tight for most of that night. The day you were born was one of the scariest days of my life but it was also very special as it was the day I met you and the day that I officially became a mummy.

You looked like a little old man and you frowned all the time but I loved you more than anything in the whole world. You were such a good baby and slept really well from day one, you weren't so keen on being in big crowds of people but you always had a smile for the camera.

You've grown up way too quickly and already your 3rd birthday is almost upon us, I was watching some old videos of you today from when you were one and it made me want to cry because I can't really remember you at that age anymore, even though it wasn't that long ago it's amazing how quickly you forget, I'm so glad we have those videos to look back on now.

I've really enjoyed watching you grow from a baby to a lovely, little boy who makes me laugh so much everyday. At the moment I'm mostly laughing at you saying the word 'bloody' you don't know I'm laughing about it as I don't let you see but it sounds so funny when I hear you say "This is bloody lovely Mum" while you're eating your ice cream. I'm hoping that by ignoring you saying your new favourite word you'll stop saying it, fingers crossed.

The main reason I wanted to write this letter was to tell you how proud I am of you, since your little sister Summer was born you've been amazing! I was very worried about how you would react to the arrival of a new baby in the house, especially as you were such a Mummy's boy but we didn't need to worry at all. You love Summer so much and she adores you, when she cries you're the first one to comfort her, the first thing you say every morning is "where's Summer?" and you play with her and talk to her all the time. You really are the best big brother anyone could ever ask for and my heart bursts with pride every time I see you with Summer and the way she looks at you.

I hope your great relationship with your sister goes from strength to strength and I look forward to watching you continue to grow into the amazing young man that I know you're going to be, just promise me you won't grow up too fast, oh and stop saying 'bloody' please lol

Love from Mummy


Thank you Emma for the gorgeous posts. Check out her blog at Handbags to Changebags

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