Max's New Bedroom.

Since moving Max's room has more than quadrupled in size. So not only can he have space for his toys, but also a reading space and a space for his table. It's taking time to make it his own but here are a few touches so far. 

The elephant head is a gorgeous find over at the H&M website. It's massive and is a great feature for his wall. Eventually I want to hang it higher, maybe over his toys but at the moment I love it next to the chalkboard I made. This was a photo frame that I just painted the back board with chalkboard paint and mounted. I try and change the picture on it every week so he has something new to look at. 

His bed is tucked away against the wall so he doesn't fall out. This is the same as it was at home and we made sure that when he moved in the bedding was exactly the same so it didn't feel too alien to him. It's a novelty for him to have all his toys in his room but hopefully that will wear off soon. We're right at the top of the building so we have sloping ceilings and some great blackout blinds in Max's room. Fortunately he's stopped waking in the night and prefers to jump into our bed in the morning. 

FInally he has his table and chairs at the end of the bed so he can do crafts and play with his play doh. He then has his tent and mini chair so he can curl up and read. I want to eventually get a small book shelf for him so he doesn't have to cross to the other side of the room to get his stories. My lovely cousin stuck up some amazing wall decals of the alphabet for him which he is loving spelling/pointing out to us. 

Hopefully his room, despite not being forever can be something he can use and love whilst we decide where our future is going to take us. 


  1. It looks so great Laura, I'm sure Max loves it :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I bet he loves exploring that!! I really need to give Rio's a tidy up and change around x

  3. Beautiful bedroom!!! The chairs are awesome and the home decor is awesome.

  4. It's quite innovate to watch at first site. It really attracted my attention and I liked the way you have used the color combinations here.