McFly Royal Albert Hall

To know you are part of a fan base that has been supportive of a band for 10 years now is crazy. Little did I know that I would still love them as much as I did at the start. Some people are Whovians and some are Directioners. I'm a Galaxy Defender. 
Mcfly are 10 years old. So to celebrate they put on four nights at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate. I was fortunate enough to get some tickets for me and my best friend (who I've seen Mcfly with 17 times - out of the 23 total haha). Whilst not being the best seats we were pleasantly surprised by the location and view. Especially for the price! One thing we couldn't see properly was the video screen that popped down every now and again with well wishes from fans and celeb pals. Not that it mattered as we recognised a lot of voices and could see the boys fine anyway!

From performing well known hits to new songs and forgotten favourites. There was something for everyone to love. Not to mention the reunion of the year. Matt Wills and James Bourne from Busted fame joining the boys on stage to sing Air Hostess and Year 3000. Seriously amazing. Sorry Nsync, you were nothing compared to this!

There was a moment towards the end when I realised what it's like to be part of a dedicated fan base. They were talking about where some of the fans had come from (as far as Australia and Brazil) and how much it meant to them that we had all supported them so much. I can't really pin point why the band mean so much to me but I really know that they are always going to have that special place and I can't deny that me and Max are always going to be fans! Galaxy Defenders stay forever

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