We Went To Butlin's Part 1.

As you know we are Butlin's Ambassadors this year which we are thrilled about. What we also had was a lovely little Sun holiday break to Butlin's booked, which in reality was the complete opposite of what we have booked for our ambassadors trip!

I'm splitting this holiday into two posts, there's far too much to talk about.
We turned up on Monday at 3pm, grabbed our keys and headed straight to check out the location and the facilities before we headed to the room at 4pm. Fortunately we had been upgraded from the standard apartment to a silver one. This meant an extra bedroom (so we didn't have to sleep on a sofa bed) and some extra facilities like a microwave, toaster, more space etc. 
The room was gorgeous, bigger than our flat at home and we definitely made ourselves at home. We were self catering so took all our own food. The kitchen in the room was open plan so was a bit tricky with a toddler that loves running around and climbing on things. The beds were also really high up so we had to grab a stool and move it so he could use it as a step up onto the beds.
The main reason we chose Butlin's was because of their amazing childrens line up. Each day we were amazed by an array of familiar faces like Bob the Builder, Barney and Elmo. The best bit was you were given a timetable with your check in details that showed you when things were on and where they were!

We tried to make the most of all the things to do there so spent most of the time outside of the rooms rather than sitting in and eating! As I said we were self catering so I can't comment on the restaurants but we did have some drinks in the bars and that was awesome! We got Max a kid's Mocktail (fruit juices) in an awesome shaker that they could keep and refill for a cheaper price. 
Max honestly doesn't like the pool too much. He has a massive phobia of getting water in his eyes so we only did short stints in the pool. Me and Scott took turns going on the slides and taking Max in the splash area. The slides were awesome with everything from bowl slides to flumes. The childrens area had a climbing frame with water fountains and mini slides. Max did attempt the slides but obviously didn't like the water! Hopefully next time he will love them as much as me. 

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