We Went To Butlin's Part 2.

As I said yesterday, the main reason we went to Butlin's was the kid's entertainment. We made an executive decision to skip a lot of the adult entertainment so Max would have a good night sleep. That also meant we didn't scrimp on ANY of the children's entertainment. We saw it all!
There were four main places that the children's entertainment took place. The skyline pavilion was where the majority of it took place. Right in the centre of the skyline pavilion this stage is the heart of the kid's world. In front of the Castle Courtyard, Tot's Funfair and soft play the stage has masses of floor and seating space so all the kid's can see everything. Here we saw Barney, Bob the Builder, Pingu, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas the Tank Engine and the Skyline Gang! (Take a breath now!)

The Castle Courtyard was a gorgeous area at the back of the skyline pavilion that had loads of puppet shows. We crammed into the area with all the other eager kids and parents and watched a fabulous puppet show. Full of singing and dancing to popular songs that everyone knows and loves.
The Centre Stage played host to Sesame Street live and the end of week Panto (which we missed as we were knackered!) Elmo has always been a firm favourite in our house and we missed the show when it came to our home town. When we saw it was at Butlin's we knew that we had to go! Let's just say that the show did not disappoint. Max was captivated for the whole 45 minutes. All the rest of the shows were only 20-30 minutes long so to keep Max interested for that long was crazy!
Finally there was the Character Theatre. This held host to shows from Fireman Sam and Mike the Knight. These events were ticketed but included in your price so you just had to pop to a booking point to reserve your space in this intimate theatre. It was the perfect first experience for most little kids that had never been tot he theatre before with plush seats, dimmed lights and a proper stage that the kid's loved! 

Finally there were tonnes of meet and greet events for the kids to have a photo opportunity with some of their favourite characters. We unfortunately missed Elmo but made sure that we saw Barney (by waiting in a queue half an hour before!- the things we do for kids eh). The face that Max pulled when Barney gave him a cuddle was amazing. Was worth the £15 for photo, keyring, magnet and wallet photo which isn't too bad a price but could easily add up with all the characters!
Finally as you can see in the photo above, there was an abundance of merchandise. As we already had Elmo we decided to get Barney as UK merchandise for him (and sesame street) are quite expensive and rare. We got him a large plush for £9.99 which was really reasonable seeing as we didn't really buy him anything else apart from drinks. He does love it and was well worth the money.

We had an amazing time at Butlin's and know that if we didn't have the Ambassadors trip coming up then we would definitely book again!

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