It's Fri-Dad again folks, fuel for the weekend or the cherry on top of the week. This week is something I want to propose a toast to as parents.

There is a wonderful side to parenting that truly goes unnoticed. It resides as something stored from your youth and it is the wisdom you possess to make being both a mum or a dad so wonderful. You may not notice it, but I bet your kids do. It's the ability to be creative, no matter what the situation is.

When you were child, you yourself have memories of games you played, thoughts you had and things you learnt that made situations and tasks fun. It could be wet weather games, indoor games, travel games, ways to eat vegetables, reasons to do the menial tasks you do without that creative edge.

Now you're an adult, that side of life is a little distant from you now, especially since you're a mum or a dad. There's no time for creativity or fun, you have a responsibility to raise another human being. Anything beyond the norm is considered incorrect. Right? WRONG! Here are a few examples as to why:

This is where that creative youth and wisdom combine for you to flourish as a fun and inventive parent. If it's raining outside and Welles are scarce, no big deal. You have the frame of mind to pick a new game or activity time after time to keep your children active. It can be educational and valuable, it can simply be exercise to lead up to that nap they have so you can crack on with work.

Parents can be creative at dinner time whether it's presenting the food to look like their child's favourite character, sneaking veg into meals, making food's endless. You know how your child thinks and you have thought of a way to make dinner an easier process. Same with brushing teeth, getting dressed, bedtime, bath time and trips to the doctors.

I remember very strongly how much I wanted to be like Scott Tracey from Thunderbirds as a kid. My mum never really had much money, but she did have a few pens, some paper, the logos and she knew I had all blue clothes. Some magic Christmas morning I was astounded to find my mum had made my very own Scott Tracey outfit. It was the best gift ever. Of course it broke and it was sad, but I soon learned how clever it was of mum to make something that simply wouldn't of been the same bought.

Before this explanation leads on into next Fri-Dad, which it could give yourself a second to think of what you do to be a little creative to make your children smile. You don't notice it at first, but it's time to accept there are brilliant ways you can improvise around a problem and find an exciting and ingenious solution.

So I'd like to ask all you fantastic mothers and fathers to raise the drink you are holding (that's for you don't just raise a sippy cup or a boob) as I'd like to say cheers and congratulations as I close Fri-Dad for the week. Parents are what mould the minds of our future and prove what a fantastic group of people we are (even if we think we aren't creative).

To parenthood! Have a great weekend!

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