Hello folks, Fri-Dad has come around I hope your week has been a fun one. I'm unfortunately not here right now, I'm in London at a screenwriters festival where I'll be talking, drinking, pitching, drinking, networking, having a scene of my script performed...and drinking.

This weeks topic is failure...but wait, isn't Fri-Dad supposed to be an uplifting post every week before the weekend?
It is, but let me elaborate. 

Parents young and old, together or separated and even just single parents all have a duty, take care of you children.
All of us live and die by different morals, have our own beliefs and live different lifestyles. It's highly unlikely that we will all follow the same path in parenthood. One thing that irks me about parenting is that it can be universally rounded. There are books about parenting, child minding and how to control your kids.

Every parent learns very quickly that their child isn't the angel they always assumed they'd raise and that it is a ton harder than imagined. Children can misbehave and you're in charge of how they live their lives...for so long anyway. We all come from these different social, cultural backgrounds and all perceive life in different ways. I am going to make a great assumption that we all didn't have the exact same birth plan, feeding regime, bedtime routine, diet, exercise and discipline system. We all do it differently, yet there are people that choose to scorn and single out families that don't go by the book or think differently about routines. 

What bothers me about this is, those judging aren't necessarily right. Because the one thing I learned about parenting from a good friend that I'd like to share with you all. He said to me "there's one thing you need to remember about parenting. You can do it or you can do it really, really wrong. There is no correct way to be a parent". And he's right.

Books and family and friends and carers and doctors and anybody can suggest things, but it doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Why? Because you know your child better than others what works, what doesn't, what you have tried and what you haven't. Don't be thought of as wrong because you do it differently, just know you do it differently.

The requirement that must really remain in any form of parenting is that you nurture and love your children and raise them to hold the morals you feel are important.
As long as you are doing that much, no book in the world can correct you. No person pointing the finger is better, because you both are doing the same thing, loving and raising your children in the way you feel is right.

So in conclusion of what feels more of a rant than a post: books, people, television shows, blogs and all sorts can say what they want about parenting. You can take advice if you need it and avoid it if you disagree, you can even disagree with what I'm saying right now. The most important thing is you're doing what you feel is right for your children because you love them. They will know that you love them and why you made the choices you made. All I'm saying is don't be the person that knocks another for their parenting, it's not necessarily wrong because there really is no right.
You're all doing a splendid job I'm sure and when you see that smile in their beautiful faces, you know that you've done something've shown them the love they need.

As always, thanks for reading and have yourself a great weekend.

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