Make Your Own Halloween Bunting

Today we woke up and the weather was horrible. We decided that we would make something fitting for Halloween. We all love Halloween in this family and teaming that with crafts is the best combination. I thought we could make something simple and decided that a bit of bunting/garland would be perfect as Max could get really stuck in. 

First up I did some simple outlines of characters such as ghosts, frankenstein and a pumpkin! I then let Max loose on the crayons to colour them all in different colours so it really stood out when hung up. 
After I did some clever cutting and sticking it was ready to lay it down and work out an order before sticking it along a piece of string (we used shoelaces as we couldn't find string!) and hanging it up! We still haven't decided where it will go so have carefully laid it out on the table until we decide. We may even make some more and make it even longer because it was just that much fun!

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