Nursery Trader & VIP Membership Competition

Nursery Trader is the perfect website for turning your unused nursery and baby products into cash whilst also picking up a bargain yourself. 
By advertising your stuff for free on the site you can give it a nice new home from the comfort of your sofa. 

Alongside the great selling site there is also an up to date news section with reviews of everything from pushchairs to cots. You can sign up to the site to be a Nursery Trader VIP. This allows you everything from discount codes for bestselling baby sites to free gifts and guaranteed entry to all the competitions on the site. This costs a mere £6 a year, which is less than 13p a week.

There are some great competitions including the Bump To Toddler Competition where you can win over £6k worth of baby and toddler equipment to see you through the first few years. This competition finishes on the 31st October at 23:59, what a perfect early christmas present!

Here are a selection of my favourite prizes...

  • Primary Colours Multi Fun Bead Toy - This was one of Max's favourite types of toys up until recently. It really helps define his fine motor skills but was also great with teaching colours and shapes whilst giving them a puzzle to solve.
  • Neat Nursery Baby Box - I wish that we had invested in something like this. We found ourselves going through so many plastic tubs, wicker baskets and other various storage devices when really this was all we needed to keep things neat and tidy. I'm also a bit of a organisation freak. If there's a compartment to use I will use it.
  • FuzziBunz Cloth Nappies - Thinking about the amount that we had spent on disposable nappies makes me cry when I think we could have invested in some cloth nappies for a fraction of the price. These nappies are great as they grow with the child so you won't need to buy any more (unless you see that cute Gruffalo one!).
  • Lumilove Hippo Night Light - We invested in a night light as we have recently found Max has been waking with night terrors and thinking there are monsters in his room. A night light has helped reassure him that the monsters are locked in the cupboard in Monstropolis and also helped guide him to bed those times he's rolled out.
  • Oxo Tot Feeding Set - This is still one of our favourite cutlery and feeding sets. Max still uses his to this day and I think it was invaluable for him learning to scoop with a spoon and stab with a fork. The curved training ring of the plate helps guide the food onto the utensil whilst the utensil is curved to catch it all. Less mess and tonnes of style.
  • Dry Like Me Potty Book - Having just successfully potty trained Max in the day all I can say is a book is so important to help reassure you that things are going okay and also guide you if you think things are going slightly wrong.
  • Chillipeeps Teats - How I wish these were around when Max was using bottles! These screw onto any screw top to turn it into a bottle. So no need to fret about bringing six bottles of water for everyone, now you can share with this awesome device.
  • Cosatto Ooba Travel System - Cosatto are consistently pulling these amazing designs out of the bag. Not only is this wonderful pushchair practical it also looks gorgeous and unisex meaning it can be passed onto any future children you may have... (only me dreaming of another?)
  • Gro Company Bundle - We love Gro in our household. Back in our last flat we weren't allowed to add blinds so used the travel blind in this pack to help Max sleep better. Also the gro egg just looks so cool and innovative you will want it on display all the time!
  • Trunki - We LOVE our Trunki. We use it every trip, whether that be to nanny and grandads for the weekend or to Butlins on our ambassadors trip. This suitcase is not only cute, but also stores so many things and is perfect for the little kids that just want to have fun when checking in is just way too boring!. 

So there are my favourites. What are yours?

I have 5 Nursery Trader VIP memberships to giveaway. What are you waiting for?

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  1. The Potty training book - I need all the tips I can get

  2. Another vote for the trunki!


  3. I would really love to win the Cosatto travel system.

  4. The Cosatto travel system

  5. Lumilove Hippo Night Light :)

  6. The travel system, love the colour and need one for my yellow bump due in January :-)

  7. Trunki - So pleased at the success of this product. It just shows that despite the knock backs, if you truly beleive in something, it will become a success.