We Went To The Cinema!

Having never taken Max to the cinema (despite plenty of festivals!) we decided that we would head to our local kid's morning at the cinema to see Monsters University. With ticket's coming in at under a fiver for all three of us we could afford to leave if he got ratty or started to hate it.

Being apprehensive about Max and the cinema was expected. We knew that Max doesn't sit still for very long but we were pleasantly surprised!

We hyped it up and got him excited by letting him pick a small bag of popcorn to take in with him and getting a booster seat so he could see the screen. He laughed and was fascinated for about three quarters of the film and then got a bit bored (all I can assume is the sugar wore off) but then after a quick cuddle and a sit on a lap he was back in the game and loved it right up until the end. 

Monsters University was a wonderful film anyway. We knew he would love it as he is obsessed with the first film!

Next up Despicable Me 2!


  1. His costume is adorable. My twins have gone monster inc crazy lately!

  2. Yay glad you both had a good time. I'm looking forward to a bit of despicable me 2 myself.



  3. Oh bless, so glad he enjoyed it! :) I really want to take my niece to the cinema but I still feel she's a bit young - maybe not!