Wednesday Wishlist

So there's only 76 days until Christmas so I thought I would do some wishlists of presents for everyone each week!

First up is books. Children's books to be exact.

I wanted to share with you some of the best new releases coming out for children of all ages. Whilst we all have our favourite timeless classic, a new book is something of wonder and adventure. There are so many amazing ones being released that for once the Gruffalo can be put away for at least a while!

In the picture book category there are three amazingly hilarious and charming books. First up is the first picture book by the wonderful David Walliams. If you haven’t read any of his books then this is a great place to start! The story is that of a slightly annoying elephant that tries to ruin everything by just being well, slightly annoying!
Some might say that the Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet is crude but I say what child doesn’t like a bit of (literal) toilet humour. Following on from their Christmas book, Dougie and Tom of McFly fame have released a new tale about Danny and his dino going on a trip to space. The only thing they forgot to do was have some lunch.
Next up is a classic for any music lover. Written by Ringo Starr this book uses the lyrics from the Beatles to create a wonderful and heart warming tale. Included in each book is an audio cd of the story so you can get a proper feel for how the lyrics fit in with the story.

Next up is 5-12. This is probably my favourite section by far. Not only because all the covers look awesome, but also because the stories are even better.
If anyone has read the Boy In The Striped Pyjamas then Stay Where You Are And Then Leave is a must. John Boyne’s writing is gorgeous in telling the tale of a five year old boy who’s dad is shipped off in the first world war. Be aware that you may need a packet of tissues yourself.
Fortunately, The Milk… is a charming and wonderful tale of a dad who goes to fetch the milk but is sucked up in a vortex of time travel. Perfect for those Dr. Who fans and those that love anything weird and wild.
Jeff Kinney doesn’t seem to go wrong with his Wimpy Kid books and this next one is no exception. Focusing on the bad luck that Greg is always receiving, will his life get any better?
Diamond is the new book in the Hetty Feather series by Jaqueline Wilson. Even when I was a young girl I remember reading her books, so she is quite a leading lady in the kid’s writing world. Perfect for the girls that love to read something a bit different.
Now David Walliams is on the list again. This time with a dentist that loves to extract teeth, even when they might not need doing. If you have read any of his other books then this is a must read. If not then it’s the perfect time to introduce the family to his work.
Tom Gates now has a winter story! This tale follows the same Tom that kid’s love whilst he tries to struggle through a winter of horrible jumpers and snowball fights. Written in a similar style to Wimpy Kid, this British version is a must have for any kid!

Teen is probably the wrong title for this section as I regularly recommend these books to adults too. Teen fiction is so refreshing when it comes to genres and trying new ideas that it’s at the forefront of the trends.
First up is Allegiant. The third book in the Divergent series, this title is set to be just as action packed and adventure filled. The best bit is that the filming and post-production is finished on the movie so we are all waiting with baited breath for this!
Split Second is a thrilling novel that focuses on a girl and boy who are determined to bring justice to the people that killed their families. Only problem is that they have no idea what they are doing and how it’s going to happen. This is such a fast paced book that it’s one not to miss.
Finally the last book is The Killing Woods. Emily’s dad is accused of killing a schoolgirl but she knows he didn’t do it. At least she thinks he didn’t. This title is such a great novel that will have you gripped to the edge of your seat.

Whilst these are a handful of the books being released, these books just have me laughing, crying and in a panic over what will happen next. What are your favourite new titles?

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