We're Going On A Bug Hunt With Barny!

We love an adventure. Even more so since we have moved as we have the New Forest on our doorstep. So when we were set a challenge by Barny and Britmums to go on an adventure we were up for the challenge.

We decided that we would venture into a part of the woods that we had never been before and settled for Wilverley Inclosure. Having been there as a kid I thought it would be great to show Max somewhere new.

We took our bug hunting kit, some Barny snacks and some juice and were on our way.
Unfortunately we were a bit optimistic and after about 20 minutes we hadn’t found many bugs. Just some wet leaves, twigs and New Forest Ponies. After heaving a huge log over onto its side we hit the jackpot.

Underneath we found all kinds of bugs from centipedes to woodlouse and even a violet ground beetle (we had to look that one up!). Max carefully picked them up and put them in the bug tent as he liked to call it so we could look at them properly. 

I love the fact that Max was really interested in the habitats of the insects and their names. All the while being gentle with picking things up so he didn't harm them. 

We decided that after a mass of bug hunting to have a sit down with some juice and Barny. Barny's are sponge treats with either chocolate or milk fillings that kids (and grown ups) love. It's the perfect treat or snack to keep you going. Max even picked one where Barny was bug hunting on the packet too!

Finally we decided that no forest trip would be complete without gathering up some acorns and hiding them for a mouse and a squirrel. Why? So that they don't have to be scared of the Gruffalo in the deep dark woods of course! Max was so pleased with all the bugs that he found that he was sad to let them go and wave bye. Thankfully we promised a trip bug hunting again which kept him happy and we finished off the day with green grass spaghetti and hot dog caterpillars. Yum Yum.

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here.


  1. I've seen the adverts for Barny and got to admit... they look amazing :P

  2. I love your pictures! looks like your little one had some fun :)