A nice day out.

On Sunday we met up with some friends of ours and went to Moors Valley for a day out. We love it there (when it's dry) as there is so much for kids to do from adventure climbing frames to trains and a stick man trail! 

We invited along Kaiden and his family. Max went to nursery with Kaiden and they were the best of friends so it was great for them to catch up! It was as if they had never been apart! 

We got to meet Kaiden's new baby brother and have a good old natter with his parents. I've found it really hard to get to know the parents at Max's new preschool. Mainly because I'm either miles younger than them or they drop off their kids and leave. 

Max and Kaiden have always been thick as thieves, causing trouble at nursery and that was no different when they were out and about. Running away and hiding from us then jumping out and screaming boo at us! And not to mention braving the tricky climbing frames with the older kids. 

It was nice to know that the old nursery missed max as he made such an impression in the time he was there. But sad as we know we can never afford to put max there again. It's nice to know that Max's preschool is just as good. 

It was lovely to have such a nice day out and catch up. I find it really hard to connect with some parents so it's nice to know that I have some great parent friends that are always up for hanging out! Next up, Max's birthday party. Ahh! 

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