Birchbox November.

 Okay, hands up. I have never got a beauty box before. Not because I didn't want to. But more so for the fact that I didn't really think it was worth it. That was until I saw an offer on Birchbox to get 3 goodies when I signed up and thought that for £12 it might be worth it for a couple of months.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not the best when it comes to beauty. I know what I like and I refuse to stray from it. Only if I have to or some amazing sample comes along to try. Having said that I was genuinely surprised at what I found in this box. And surprisingly to me I actually might use all of it!

  • First up was the Model Co Party Proof Lipstick. To be honest I hate lipstick. I find it tacky, it doesn't stay on and it always feels really heavy on my lips. I prefer to use my chubby stick and lip scrubs. Having said that I actually really liked this. Maybe it was the cheap brands I was jumping on but this wasn't too in your face and stayed put longer than I expected. Even better? Not tacky at all!
  • Next up was Laura Mercier Body Butter. Again I'm stuck in my way and used to using good old Soap and Glory body butter. Having said that this was a lovely alternative to use on the go in my handbag when I was at work (I've been working in a cold stock room so have been topping up with body lotion to stop my skin drying out). I don't think I would buy it again, only because I feel that it didn't do any different to my other stuff.
  • I loved the Weleda Citrus Body Wash, it was light and fresh and a great wake up. It reminded me of a creamy version of Natural Source with the vivid smell. I do love the fact it's natural as my skin can flare up really badly but then again it is quite expensive for a body wash.
  • The Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle didn't really seem to work too well. I don't straighten my hair anymore so it didn't really need any heat protection but it didn't seem to detangle as well as I would have hoped. Having said that it did smell gorgeous. 
I also received some Pukka Herbs teas which the other half snatched up as soon as I turned my back! A sample of English Laundry perfume which was gorgeous and has been definitely added to my christmas list and finally a pencil sharpener which came at just the right time as mine has suddenly disappeared.

I think I'll definitely grab the next couple of boxes. Only to see if it's still worth it but other than that I really enjoyed it as it felt like a great present just for me!

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