Ciate Mini Mani Month

Last year I lusted after the Mini Mani Month advent calendar from Ciate. This year I couldn't back down and bought one. I managed to get a really great deal on ASOS with some codes so it was knocked down to an amazing £25. For 24 varnishes I couldn't say no!

Of course I received it a week after the 1st so I had to open all the windows. I'm not great with suspense and knowing that I had some amazing ones to look at I delved in!

There is an amazing selection of varnishes. From base and top coats to pastels and glitters. There is a lot of silvers in there which put me off a bit slightly but then I normally use silver as an accent colour and then realised that some have glitter and some don't show up as bright as others. My mum is a trained nail technician so of course she had to have a delve in it and she was pleasantly surprised at the amazing range for the price that I paid. She may have her eye on a few to steal off me but I know her too well.  

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