Max is now 3!

So on Sunday Max turned 3! I still can't believe he isn't a baby anymore. We decided to have a small party for 3 of his friends, some babies and the parents at our favourite not so soft play Treehouse Family Play.

I love this place and so do the kids so we knew it would be a hit. We got given the mezzanine level for the party which meant we had a whole section to ourselves, the babies could nap and the parents could natter whilst the kids happily played inside.

They had decorated the place beautifully with balloons, bright colours and enough space for me to squeeze the party bags (filled with cute toys and keyrings rather than chocolate and sweets) on the shelves.

Our wonderful friend Loti made him a cake with loads of layers, gooey chocolate centre and bright blue! Max's favourite. They ate their weight in food and played to their hearts content. The great thing about treehouse is that it has a relaxed atmosphere and it's small enough that the kids are confident to go on their own at times. Having said that, the dads did enjoy it just as much as the kids did! In fact we heard tales from the kids of the dad's starting a soft ball war against each other...!

This is Max and his best friend Kayden. Unfortunately they don't go to the same nursery anymore as we moved but we try and see them as much as possible as these kids are as thick as thieves. I can safely say that the kids loved it and so did the parents. Treehouse were really great and allowed us to stay for an extra 45 minutes to play with no added charge, helped us wrap the cake and made sure that we were always taken care of and happy! I highly recommend it there if you can venture that way. 

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  1. Aww looks like he had a fabulous day, Happy Birthday big boy. My little boy is also 3, it's a wonderful age.