We Took Max To See The Bournemouth Lights

So I've previously written about how I have been to see the Make It Bournemouth garden of lights. We decided we would head down one day after Scott finished work to show Max just how wonderful they are. Personally I think they are amazing for kids as each one is really sensory and is pretty educational as it teaches them about colours, reactions and most of all magic!

The secret house was one of Max's favourites by far. Not only because he got to run in there and hide from mummy and daddy but because it feels like a world trapped inside a kitchen cupboard. The use of the mirrors creates the idea of infinite space and the kids love the idea that they are in a different place altogether!

 Max's other favourite was definitely the one in the top photo, he spent ages running through the wall of lights and swishing the about to see what would happen. The fact they were fibre optic meant that I didn't have to worry about him hurting himself and by the looks of things all the other kids loved it too!

I'm still trying to work out exactly how the one on the left works. It seemed that the projection looked really geometric and it entranced Max to no end anyway.

The disco ball hut was amazing as the music was playing, the lights were going and the kids could really dance and watch the lights bouncing off the mirror balls into the room. It was fantastic to watch Max's eyes light up!

The Garden of Lights is open until the beginning of January, it's a fantastic place not just for kids but adults too. But the kids seem to understand the magic that Make it Bournemouth have created a bit more!

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