10 things I get told about being a young parent.

Being a young parent has it's pros and cons. It's amazing as I have so much energy and a long future looking after Max. On the other hand the juggling of education and parenthood wasn't always the easiest. Having said that, I do get told a lot of things about the fact I'm a young parent. Here's my favourites!
  • "You look like you should still be in school yourself!" - Umm I'm 23, not 13! I know I look young for my age but I seriously don't look underage!
  • "Is this your sibling?" - Yes, because all young siblings call their older ones mum/dad.
  • "I take it you sit at home all day?" - No, not all parents or young parents sit at home on their bums all day. I do in fact have a job and a degree.
  • "Were they planned or unexpected?" - First of all it's none of your business if my child was planned or not. If I want to tell you then I will, chances are you are a complete stranger so why does it even matter to you.
  • "How did you cope with it all?" - With being a young parent? With working and studying at the same time? Copious amounts of coffee and sleepless nights of course. The same way most parents cope with early parenthood.
  • "Don't you regret that you've lost your youth?" - No because I have a fantastic child and when he's grown up I'll only be 40 and can sit on a cruise drinking a cocktail (or 6) whilst all my other friends have toddlers.
  • "Are you still with the dad?" -  Umm I have an engagement ring on my finger? So yes I am, and even if I wasn't would that make me any less of a parent?
  • "Bet you did it so you could get a council house." - Seriously? I'm not even eligible for a council house. Even if I was it's none of your business. Did you want my national insurance number so you can file my child benefit application too?
  • "My cousin's friend's sister's daughter was a teen mum and now has 8 kids. You should talk to her." - Good for them, I doubt I'll ever have 8 kids. I am capable of making my own friends too.
  • "You must have so much time and energy being young." - Do you have kids? If so then tell me where I can buy this thing called time and energy?

Whilst I know that I should expect these comments as a young parent it still makes me wonder why other people give a damn about a stranger they see in the street with a young kid. What's the strangest thing you've heard?


  1. Pfft ignore them.

    It's absolutely nobody's business how you choose to live your life unless you choose to share it with them and even then they shouldn't judge you.

    Love From Kelly

  2. I guess it is better to be told you look too young than too old... friend of mine is sometimes taken as a gran to her boy... this must hurt

  3. People are weird. Screw people. Your life is just that - YOURS. And Max is probably the best part of it all. :)

  4. Wow, are people really so rude?! I love your witty comebacks xx

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