Fitflops outfits and giveaway.

Fitflops have become a household name in recent years. Many of us are familiar with the flip flops that they have created, but did you know they have a fantastic range of boots and other flats in their ranges.

Fitflops are ergonomically built to help take the weight off your feet. They are built on microwobble board and help diffuse the pressure from your feet when you are walking and help absorb shock each step of the way. Microwobble board was originally created to help rehabilitate people that suffered from injuries. But like other technologies, was found to ease the support of everyones feet so Fitflops were born!

My favourite pair is the womens Due Leather All Black pair. The classic look of them means that they are versatile and work with almost any outfit! At £55 they are not only affordable but knowing how great for your feet they are it makes it worth every penny. I decided to show you a couple of outfits I would wear them with if I bought them!

First of all to dress them up in the day I would team it with something simple and classic.

Jeggings (New Look) and leggings are my go to for every day wear. Having Max, I am always bending down, jumping and running which is pretty hard to do with skin tight jeans on!

With that I have added a simple striped top (Zara), and a lightweight cardigan (H&M) as I love to layer clothes especially in this fluctuant weather.

The classic doctors bag (River Island) works perfectly with this outfit as it is big enough to keep some of Max's things along with my own personal stuff.

Me and Scott rarely get to go on a date night but when we do I hate wearing heels. I'm one of those girls that can't walk in them no matter how much practice I've done. Also, most of the time I drive so flats are always best in that situation. 

I've chosen a classic floral tea dress (River Island). I might not wear heels but I sure love some floral and a dress makes me feel girly when I normally don't during the day. 

Having said that I can't shift the tom boy in me fully so a biker jacket (H&M) works perfectly to balance out the floral of the dress.

Finally a mini satchel (Zatchels) is perfect for keeping some essentials on me whilst we are out.

So there are my outfit choices. And now you have a chance to win your own pair of Fitflops. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Good Luck!

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  1. My Mum has a couple pairs of fit flops and LOVES them! I've never tried though, so I'm going to try my luck :)

  2. I love how you've styled them with the cute tea dress! I'd probably do something similar :)

  3. A dress or black trousers perhaps :)

  4. I'd wear them for work with a pretty floral dress, thick black tights and a chunky snood to keep me warm during this freezing January!

  5. I would probably go for a pair of jeans, tshirt and a nice cardi - hat and scarf dependent on weather ;) x

  6. Some black skinny jeans and a tunic top :)

  7. Any of my favourite dresses, I think! Great giveaway :)

    Jane x

  8. I'd probably wear them with black leggings and a nice bright top