Nakd Bars - Review

We are on a bit of a healthy eating kick at the moment. New year, new you and all that! Luckily the guys at Nakd sent us a wonderful variety box to try!
Nakd bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free bars packed full of fruit and nuts in a variety of yummy flavours. They are a great alternative to chocolate and cereal bars. Most of which include ingredients that you and I barely can pronounce let alone decipher what they actually are! That's why they created something that was natural, that included enough ingredients to fit on one had and still pack a punch in the  flavour department. They also sell other products such as crunchy fruit bars and amazing infused raisins (mixed with pineapple and cherry flavours!).

We were sent a Mixed Case of the bars to try and got two of each flavour. The bars themselves are the same size as a small chocolate bar and have a bit of a squidgy texture. The best thing about them is each bar counts towards one of your five a day. Who doesn't love the fact that something that looks naughty is infact great for you.

  • The Cocoa Delight bar is a great traditional chocolate bar that has a really strong chocolate flavour despite there only being a less than 10% chocolate content! Being packed with dates and nuts makes this a great alternative to picking up that Dairy Milk bar.
  • The Caffe Mocha, Cocoa Orange and Cocoa Mint are great chocolate bars with a twist. Scott was in love with the mocha flavoured one and stole them all. The mint and orange ones were bursting with natural flavourings and a lot yummier than the other alternatives on the market. 
  • The Berry Delight bar was really fruity. It was my personal favourite as I love indulging on berries especially in summer. This is a great product that I can eat all year round. My brother was even won over by this product. He doesn't even eat much fruit which made me really impressed by the product. 
  • Max's favourites were the slightly obscure flavoured ones. Pecan pie had a gorgeous nutty flavour that reminded me a bit of Snickers. Gingerbread was wonderful and a great wintery treat and alternative to biscuits. Cashew Cookie was so soft and sweet. Like biting into slightly undercooked cookie (my favourite type of cookie) Finally was rhubarb and custard which Scott said was a lovely blend of sweet and sharp flavours to create something he never would have though could taste good in a bar!
We loved these products and have now gone and stocked up on loads more. They aren't the cheapest (75p ish per bar) but are still reasonable when compared to other bars, fruit and chocolate! I would rather give Max one of these as a treat rather than a packet of chocolate buttons as I then know what is inside them and know he is getting goodness rather than rubbish. It's a massive thumbs up from us.


  1. I love Nakd bars! I've already eaten a cashew cookie one today and have a cocoa orange one for later!x

  2. These look yummy but I'm sadly allergic to nuts :(

  3. Love Nakd bars and I never realised there were so many different kinds. I normally have a cocoa one half an hour before I go to the gym to give me energy :) x