Tuesday Tales - Fortunately The Milk

 I'm starting a new series. Being a bookseller I have read many a book, I lost track of the monthly updates as I read far too much! So I thought that once a week I could share some of my favourite books or latest reads with everyone. 

First up is Fortunately The Milk by Neil Gaiman.
Mum has gone away for a conference, dad is left in charge. He was reminded of a few things, one being to get some milk. But on the way to buy the milk, dad ends up on a whirlwind time travel adventure with pirates and dinosaurs. Fortunately he has the milk though.

This is such a gorgeous book for the 9-12 age range (and older!). It's a short and silly tale full of wonderful characters that everyone will love and enjoy. Gaiman is famous for his fantasy adult novels, ones that I love and you can definitely tell that the fantasy element is burrowed in the pages. 

The illustrations are gorgeous. The dad having a look of Gaiman himself makes this even better for those that love his work. The whole tale has a Dr Who-esque feel about it that really fills the place on the book market that needed filling. 

We need less wimpy kids and more milk!

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