10 Confessions Of A Sleep Deprived Mother.

We've all been there. The bleary eyes, the coffee and the wishing for just five more minutes when your little one is jumping up and down on your head at 4am. SLeeping like a baby is a seriously contradictory term. Who even came up with that?! I can raise my hand and confirm about being a sleep deprived mother. I can also raise my hand to doing a few things to try and get a few more minutes sleep or ended up doing something that you later regretted. How many of these can you tick off the list?

  • Passing your child some form of technology so they can sit next to you in bed while you catch some zzz's. Just make sure that you apologise to the people that get jumbled texts!
  • Setting your child's Gro clock to an hour later and convincing them that despite the sun shining outside it's still bed time. Mr Sun's just going for an early run.
  • Want to use the bottom of the bed as a fort? Go ahead, just make sure that you don't use mummy's head as the walkway.
  • Falling asleep at work. I've been known to fall asleep on a break every so often. We've all been there. Also bringing your child's toy to work instead of your lunch.
  • Getting yourself dressed either inside out, covered in stains or trying to put on your child's clothes. Note. Kid's socks do not fit my feet.
  • Losing something you thought was really important. Running around for 10 minutes in a state of panic but then finding you had it in your hands the whole time.
  • Rifling through your bag for your purse to pay for something? Oh is a nappy an acceptable form of payment?
  • Pretending to be deep asleep. So much so that your partner will surely have to wake up with said child this time and play with that noisy toy at 5am!
  • Turning the TV off before Cbeebies bedtime hour and convincing them that it has already gone to bed. How many of you have a photo capture of the see you in the morning screen or have recorded the bedtime song for those moments of madness?

  • Lets play a game. It's called put your head on a pillow and pretend to sleep.
So don't feel ashamed that you want  need those extra few moments of sleep. I'm pretty sure that perky mum at baby club must use some of them too!

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