2014 Hair Wishes

My lovely friend Sarah is hosting a blogging competition with Cool Blades to find out what us bloggers think will be the big trends of 2014. 
Whilst I know I'm no fashion or beauty expert. Nor do I go to a posh salon to do my hair every month I do love how versatile those strands on my head can be. 

I have dyed my hair red for as long as I can remember and honestly don't see myself any other colour. That doesn't mean that I can't dream. I haven't had the time or money to jump on many of the bandwagons but here are a few that I would love to attempt this year. 

  • Plaits - I would love to be able to plait my hair properly. It's quite thin and wispy so unless I use a decent amount of product in it, I find it doesn't hold too well. From browsing all the fashion mags I've noticed loads of the models with low ponytails, plaits and embracing everything school girl in the hair category. Having said that I don't think I'm ready to pull off bunches just yet!
  • Beach Waves -  My hair is naturally wavy. Something I have hated for the majority of my life until it became the fashion. Loose curls and the almost messy beach look means that I can get up, whack in some dry shampoo and run a wide comb through it. The ultimate lazy girl's guide to hair care!
  • Poker Straight Hair -  On the other hand when I head out I love to have poker straight hair. Something that is tricky with all my kinks and curls but once it's straight I have that confidence I don't get unless I'm all dolled up and ready to go out. My hair is the thinnest ever so it does curl up after some time as there is no weight to hold it down.
  • Accessories - Still all the rage and I still feel like I'm 10 again when I wear them. The floral headband, the glitter and the crowns. I love it all. It makes me feel so girly and they are things that you can make yourself instead of spending loads on expensive stuff.
  • Ombre - Still a trend? I think this one might last a bit longer. Most people are now experimenting with brighter and bolder colours. Pinks and blues to neon and pastels. Me on the other hand would prefer something a bit more muted. I love this red to ginger look. To be honest it's how my hair looks most of the time when I forget to dye it!

So that's my hair care wishes for the year. I mean if I could wish for Rapunzel length hair it would have been the top of my list but a girl can dream!


  1. I desperately want my hair to grow a few more inches, but then at the same time I think I look really good with a bob......LIFE IS SO HARD :'(

  2. I love all the accessories too, there are some lovely ones about this year and the mini crocodile clips are back in fashion so that's good.

  3. cute inspo! i love the braids up do

  4. I so wish I could plat my hair more - I suck at doing anything nice boooo. Good luck!! x