A Canvas, A Case and Camera things.

I've received this gorgeous phone case from Mr Nutcase*. I've found it really difficult to find a nice affordable case for the Iphone 5C. So when Mr Nutcase offered me a case to review I couldn't say no! I spent ages deciding what to have printed on the case. I love Max but didn't really want his face on there as Max is constantly growing that I have too many photos to choose from. I decided to ask my friend Neil Slorance who is an amazing illustrator (you may have seen his work floating around the internet. It's hard to miss!) if I could use an image of his. When he said yes I knew it had to be one that fitted me perfectly!

I love my instax so I had to buy some more film. I've found an amazing ebay site that allows you to buy normal film and coloured and patterned film. So I will have hundreds of them by the end of the year!

Canvas Design have sent me a gorgeous canvas of Max. Its beautiful and by far the best canvas I have seen by online canvas creators. I wanted a photo of Max so that I could give it to my mum for her birthday at the end of the month. The print is such high quality and mounted well so that the whole print is on the canvas rather than being stretched round the sides. Rolled in bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard it was delivered safely and came with the tools to wall mount it. 
They are offering all my readers 15% off their canvases by using the discount code BLOG15. Even better is that they offered free delivery as standard. I even got the canvas 2 days after I ordered which is amazing!

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  1. Ooh where on eBay are you getting your instax film then?