Charlie's naming Ceremony

So this weekend, in that small glimmer of sunshine amongst the horrid rain we celebrated our little friend Charlie's naming ceremony. It was based in Upton Country Park and Loti and Esteban did such an amazing job of organising it (I'm going to give Loti most of the credit though, let's face it women do the majority of the jobs) that everything went so smoothly!

The day was filled with sunshine (a bit of mud), bubbles, memories, photos, laughter, smiling and cuddles with the little man himself. Max was really well behaved and sat listening to music throughout the ceremony as he doesn't do too good with sitting down for long periods of time! It was all finished off with a gorgeous lunch at Days (the best all you can eat in Bournemouth!)

Charlie is such a gorgeous 7 month old, and he's such a credit to the amazing parents. Unfortunately they are moving to Peterbrough this week which means no more nipping round for a drink and no more lunches at Treehouse. We all met when Loti and Scott did some work together on university projects and we all realised that Carphone Warehouse is the odd place that links people together. (I worked there, so did Loti and Esteban!) Loti managed to survive her final year of uni pregnant, which I think is harder than having a toddler. At least with Max we could pop him in nursery when we needed to do some work!

I'm going to miss our friends. I honestly can't wait for a day trip to see them when they are happy and settled. And what a spectacular day for a naming ceremony. 

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