Hello folks, it’s Friday and thank goodness for the weekend.
After a love-filled post previously I’m sort of switching it on its head this time. I haven’t ever really written a sad piece and believe me, I’m not trying to make history here. It’s just the way things have been lately.
For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had financial struggles, weather issues and lack of success floating over our heads. By no means am I stating we’ve had it the worst, just the build-up of tough luck has been overwhelming.

Rather than sit here and go on about how I wish we had it better and speculate what if, I realise there are people possibly reading these posts that have is worse off. Maybe they don’t have a job at all, a loving partner or even an iPad (like that’s a minimum requirement). What I want to do is try to give a little bit of confidence and muster in everyone.

I realise now that things are tough, being a young parent in a town where I can count the people I know on my hands. Friends and family are tough to see regularly and job opportunities have come and gone. The one thing I’m grateful about my position is I don’t feel like things will get worse. They can, but I’m sure this isn’t what is set for me and my family.

Life is still in front of me for me to have to look back speculate. I still have a will to proceed and move forward and the confidence to make the strides to work this family into a shape where we own our own place again.
If you are in a similar predicament to me, I want to wish you all the will to roll with the punches. There is a reason stories like The Shawshank Redemption and The Natural and even the true story of Kurt Warner exist, there is always something to look forward to. If you’re the good person you know you are, you don’t have to blame anything or anyone that times are tough, the fact you have an urge to turn things around are great.
Don’t let anyone tell you that the path you want in life isn’t right. If there is anything that is most probable in life, it’s that the greatest factor of success starts from belief in yourself. If you have ambitions to do something, go somewhere, get something you believe that you can do it and will strive to get it.

When you feel you’ve hit bottom, not got the dream start you wanted to get off on, things feel hopeless and you start to lose belief. It’s easy to give up, giving up is the easiest thing to do in the human body…unless the human body is in a fight for survival. You have a natural instinct to keep going regardless, so why not be the person that doesn’t give up on what they wish to achieve.

Hey, maybe the road you travel isn’t the right one after all, maybe a new turning pops up and progress can be found. There’s no reason to redefine success (I read this in a fortune cookie and it’s stuck with me since I was 16). Whatever is going to make you and your family happiest at the end or even during, go for it. Leave no doubt.
So to sign off, I want to say I too am feeling a little unfortunate right now. I’m not successful and things aren’t comfortable, but I’ve got a good feeling with the right amount of determination and effort I can alter my course in life. If you’re striving to do so too, I wish you all the best to you. I’ve just recently seen a friend do it and I truly believe it’s doable. We’re all going to get there somehow.

Anyway, that’s all from me for today. Go have a big family cuddle, keep those chins up and as always, have a great weekend.

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