I Promise To Review

I'm always on the lookout for a new gift idea for people. I hate buying tonnes of things that never get used or that people don't really like. So when an email from I Promise came into my mailbox I jumped at the chance to review. 

I Promise cards are a great alternative to cliche'd gifts.  I Promise cards are a series of personalised cards that you can tailor to the recipient. As the packet says, a collection of thoughts rather than things. 

The website was really easy to use. You select the amount of cards you want to send (3, 5 or  10) and then write your promises and pick small icons to go along with them. You also have the option to choose pre-made cards if you haven't got many ideas. I chose 5 cards for Scott and wanted to create something funny but meaningful for him. 

I picked some promises such as letting Scott pick the music in the car and promising to make memories in our future. Things that he would appreciate. The cards come on thick stock which fit perfectly in your hand. Packaged in a cute envelope the order itself is small and discreet so your partner has no idea of knowing what it is! Unless they are cheeky enough to rifle through your post. 

For the people that want to give thoughts rather than things this year as a birthday or anniversary gift then this is perfect. I can't wait for Scott to open his on Valentines day!

*Note I was sent these cards for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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