Kick Your Habits with Leeds Building Society.

We are all prone to guilty habits. The odd glass of wine, the extra helping of chow mein with our takeout or even the few apps we treat ourselves to a week. Everyone can hold their hands up to at least some indulgence a week. That is why Leeds Building Society are helping us kick our habits with their amazing interactive resource

I decided to see how much I could save each year with this took and was amazing surprised. We don't tend to go out much, I hardly drink and we only indulge on takeouts every now and again but here is what I found:

I decided to average out what me and Scott normally spend each week. He always buys lunch at work and I normally buy a snack before my shift. Because we sometimes treat ourselves to takeout when we do bring our own lunches I decided to put those two categories together to average it out. That works out at £10 a week.

Another £10 for alcohol. By all means we don't drink excessively, but we do like the odd bottle of cider and beer every now and again.We are parents after all and parenting is definitely hard work! We normally stock up when they are on offer so again we have rounded to up to £10 a week.

Next up was beauty. I spend a lot on makeup and other products including shampoo and face masks. I know I could save money by using samples and making face masks myself but that takes a lot of time when I could simply pop to Boots on my lunch break. This added up  to about £20-£21 a week. Eek, alot when you add it up over the year!

Scott is a tech geek and is always trying the latest gadget and I'm a sucker for downloading a song on my phone. This averages out at another £10 a week. Obviously it's more some weeks and less the others but mostly it's around the £10 mark.

We don't have evenings out but I've added up the price of what it costs us a week to buy in things such as popcorn and other snacks when we sit and watch a box set or a movie. We try and do this once a week so that we can spend time together. Honestly it beats going to the cinema sometimes.

So with a grand total of £56 a week it means that we could potentially save nearly £3,000 a year! I never really thought that our indulgences could add up to something that is double our council tax, four times our car insurance and enough for us to have a really nice holiday! An extra £48 from having it in a savings account would be a fortnights food shop. 

Of course we aren't going to give up all our indulgences. Everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while but knowing the amount I could save has made me seriously reconsider how much we spend on potentially unnecessary purchases. How much could you save? 

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