Pitter Patter Furniture

I'm always looking for something unique for Max's room. Something that feels special and personal to him. Somewhere that I can hide all the toys away at the end of a long day that doesn't look ugly, something that can store his hundreds of books. That's where Pitter Patter comes into the picture.

Pitter Patter furniture are a great company that offer personalised furniture for children's bedrooms such as toy boxes and bookshelves. The personalised touch allows you to design everything from the name to a small plaque hidden with a gorgeous message for your little one. With a range of designs there is sure to be something for all children in their fantastic selection. Here are a few of my favourites:

This large toy chest is perfectly designed with rounded corners, soft closing hinges and gorgeous personalisation. The white paint is perfect with fitting in with Max's white furniture and could easily accommodate all of his smaller toys. This is also available in a variety of colours incase you were worried that grubby mitts would make it dirty! 

I know that Max has about 600 books. I also know that this wouldn't hold half of them but I love low bookshelves. Having a low shelf will allow me to place some of his special toys and mementos on the top of it. You can add decorations such as stars and hearts in the top corners of the bookcase. I love that the style is exactly the same of the toy box so the furniture would all match together no matter what pieces you picked. 

I always find children's chairs hit and miss. Without arms I find Max tries to fall off but sometimes a more sturdy chair isn't the best either. I love this chair. It looks like a wonderful personal chair that has the soft edges of the Pitter Patter brand and the gorgeous engraved name of their personalised furniture. I love that you can pick a variety of colour combinations to create something truly unique, something that you will treasure forever. 

All of Pitter Patter's furniture comes ready made so you don't need to spend hours slaving away trying to fit things together. The furniture is made of sturdy wood so you know it will last for years to come. The products fit into the higher price bracket but as always you pay for the quality and customer service you receive and this is definitely worth it!

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