Thomas At West Quay

On Wednesday we were given the opportunity to head down to West Quay and meet one of Max's favourite tv heros, Thomas the Tank Engine! Being in a busy shopping centre in half term is normally my idea of hell, but West Quay did an amazing job of handling a queue, handing out tickets and keeping all the kids occupied!

We popped into a really short queue (tickets were assigned to different time slots) and Max got so excited when he saw that Thomas was just ahead he could hardly contain himself. Millie's Cookies were on hand to give out free samples while we were waiting and we got to try some exciting flavours. 

When Max finally got to meet Thomas, he gave the Fat Controller a high five and the big blue machine a big cuddle. Standing with daddy he was so proud to have his photo taken. They even gave him his own Thomas book to take away with him that was filled with short stories. After doing a quick dance he jumped onto the back of Thomas and pretended to drive the trusty engine. 

There were many activities being held in the bottom court of West Quay. Face painting and donut decorating were amongst the fun things to do. Of course Max decided to decorate a donut as they are one of his favourite treats! Covered in writing icing and sprinkles he was so happy to make things himself!


  1. Aww looks like you guys had a lovely time there :)
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  2. Urm, Hope he made me a Donut tooo!! Love his tee