Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places

Me and Scott don't really get each other lovey dovey things for valentines. We prefer to stick to practical things that will be needed or wanted for the year or future. That's why we love to get things from high street stores. Sports Direct are holding a competition for bloggers to create a wishlist of presents under the value of £20.

  • Portsmouth Crew Neck Jumper (£19.99) - Scott is a die hard Portsmouth fan and I love that this jumper looks classy but allows him to wear his teams badge with pride. It looks really soft and comfy that would look perfect on match day as well as out and about.
  • Lonsdale Kettle bell (£9.99) - We've been looking into exercise and fitness and have discovered that kettle bell is a really great way to strengthen and tone at the same time. This steal at under a tenner would mean that we would be able to get fit in the space of our own home.
  • Airwalk Cosmic Backpack (£11.99) - Scott is desperate for a new rucksack. His is falling apart and can't hold anything he needs it to. This bag has such a cool design that he won't lose in a crowd and looks like it will have more than enough space for his script stuff, Ipad and other essentials.
  • Vision Sciera Men's Shoes (£10) - Scott loves canvas skate style shoes. These ones are the right mix of casual and smart and would work well with all kinds of events and styles. They look really comfy and completely perfect for him to wear to interviews and all the parties we have planned this year.
  • Soul Cal Charcol Joggers (£20) - We don't often get to slouch around at home doing nothing but when we do it's always in jogging bottoms and oversized tops. These looks really thick and fleecy and the ribbed ankle means that they will fit perfectly and keep all the warmth in.

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