Wish list: Fitness Edition

So one of my resolutions was to try and get fit. It's not going amazingly because of the horrendous weather we are having but I've dropped about 10lbs and on the right track. To help that I've put together a bit of a wish list, a mix of fitness clothes and sporty related attire that will get me in the mood for squats, jogging and thinking about putting down the cake. 

Adidas Flower Shirt - Okay, I have to have something girly to begin with. This floral but practical top is gorgeous and to be frank, those workout marks don't look so bad on black haha. But this top is one that i may have to purchase when I get paid anyway.

Adidas Originals Native Hoodie - I love this simple hoodie. It's something that I would be able to throw on over anything and get away with it. Stylish yet simple! I'm always on the lookout for new hoodies as mine always seem to mysteriously disappear (cough Scott).

Nike Rally Track Pants - I have a bit of a thing for grey clothes. I think it's me trying to steer away from black whilst trying to be safe. But grey works great with any colour and these track pants look so comfy that I would be hesitant to even go workout in them!

Polar Ft4 Watch - Everyone and their blogging mum seems to have this watch. And I'm no exception! I may have purchased this with some sneaky vouchers that I had so I can track everything from power walks around the park, to the dreaded 30 day shred at home.

All Star Ox Mono Converse - I love these classic looking Converse. I'm not one for pushing the boat out and trying new colours so black is something that will go with anything else that I try and wear. Also who doesn't own a pair of Chucks. They're always my go to shoes when I can't find anything else.
Nike Pegasus Trainers - I've secretly fallen in love with these. A bit steep for my price range but something I can class as an investment right.

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  1. I love the blue trainers :) I have pink ones they are very bright.
    Think it helps to have clothes you like to wear.