A 50th Birthday Gift.

So this weekend was mine and Scott's anniversary. A bit of a non existent day because it was also my mum's 50th birthday (yeah we timed that getting together well).

I decided I wanted to put together a gift bag of goodies for my mum. Everything from pampering to spoiling. I wanted to cover all the bases. So we got her:
 - Pringles and Galaxy (her favourite!)
 - Slipper socks
 - Miniatures cream set
 - Pocket mirror
 - The Cuckoo's Calling book
 - Pandora charm (we all got her a charm for a bracelet that my grandma got her!) 
 - Beautiful canvas of Max.

Canvas Design sent me a beautiful canvas of Max to review and I knew that I had to save it for my mums birthday. I've always been dubious of ordering canvases online. Mainly because I've had a few turn up a bit ropey or with dodgy colours. So when Loren asked if I wanted to review one I jumped at the chance. Having heard so many good things about Canvas Designs I knew I wanted to see for myself. 

I chose a photo of Max that was used for a review of some clothes. It's pretty hard to get a great photo of Max as he always pulls funny faces. At least in this one he looked smart and didn't have food all over his face. 

The Canvas Design site allows you choose a pre selected size or work with them to create one of your own size. At affordable prices too, they tick all the boxes. 

I'm always wary that photos can be stretched out of shape on canvas but we had a neat white trim on the borders so that the whole image was accommodated on the front. The guys at Canvas Design can also help with some simple editing if that isn't your strongest point. And of course they won't print it until you are completely satisfied. 

Canvas Design sent my canvas wrapped in thick bubble wrap and cardboard to support it. The fact that 48 hour delivery comes as standard means that it is great for a last minute gift! You also get a wall hanging kit included so that you don't have to go out of your way to buy things as an extra. 

I've never seen such a wonderful, vibrant canvas as this and I know that my mum will love it once it's hanging on her wall.  Thank you Canvas Design for a perfect gift for a memorable birthday!

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