Capturing Memories

Sometimes you forget that one of the best ways to capture a memory is through photos. The whirlwind of spending precious time can almost make you forget that your little one might want to know what they looked like and how they acted at a certain age. I know it's not the case for some of us. Since before my degree my camera is always glued to me in some way or another. 

Thats why Venture have created the Little Face Of Venture competition so that you can capture those cheeky grins in a moment forever and also be in with the chance of winning your little cutie a modelling contract and a whole host of treats. 

We've always been asked if Max wants to do modelling and he's featured in many a short film, musical performance, voice over and photo shoot before but I never wanted to push him into something he didn't like. Now he's getting older he's seriously getting the stage bug! So a competition like this is a great platform to start with as it isn't serious, you get a whole host of photos and you could end up with a fab prize. 

Even better £1 of every shoot will be donated to Wellchild. A charity that helps sick children in their times of need. 

What are you waiting for?

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