Cutting back on technology

There came a stage some point last week that I realised tech was taking over. It was little things. Turning on the TV in the morning, playing on the ipad whilst dinner is cooking, using apps whilst learning things. While all this can be beneficial in some way I found that Max would get cranky and irritated if we said no! So we decided to cull tech. Not altogether, but enough that it was restricted to things such as tv at breakfast and the bedtime song before night time. 
We pretend to be grown ups, having important phone calls and making Max the boss. He likes to pretend he makes movies and music. A love of musicals is slowly brewing. Especially when he heard the Grease soundtrack last night! Boy after my own heart. He's going to be on stage in no time. 

Max's writing is coming along nicely. We work on joining up the dots and recognising letters once it's all written. I'm so proud of him. He is so chuffed of himself. It's the start.

Finally we used all the leaves and twigs we picked up and created a collage. Max loved using all the different textures and colours. We added some feathers, sequins and sticks from a craft pack to create a colourful image he was so besotted with. 

Cutting back on technology is great for us. Limiting what he was allowed on has enabled him to see the world around him and become a happier little boy. 

Do you restrict technology? If so what are your top tips?

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  1. Hi - what a great idea to restrict the tech! I'm thinking of doing the same, and my boy is only 16mths! He is always looking for my iPad and iPhone, even when I hide them! I'm going to make a real effort to spend more time doing creative stuff this week - love the collage idea!
    Good to meet you on #pbloggers (@katgrant30)