Fantastic Fiction Link Up #1

Today I thought I would start with something that's only just released. A teen novel thats taking the whole world by storm. One that has already been scheduled for a movie.

I'm not one for witches, vampires and all things supernatural. But I do love a good teen book and when this dropped into my lap a few weeks ago at work I had to see what all the hype was about. 

The story is about a young male witch, stuck in a cage and desperate to get out. The world he lives in is full of witches. The white witches are the good and the black witches are the bad. Nathan is half bad, half white and half black. And living in such a prejudice world he is being penalised for his fathers past. 

The witches have captured him because they want to draw out his father, persecute him for being the most evil of all black witches. Nathan being a typical teenager is moody and withdrawn. Struggling to find where he fits in with the world. The witches themselves are amazing characters that make you think twice about whether the white witches are really all that nice. I mean after all they have hold of Nathan.

It's a fast paced read. One that grips you from the moment that you start reading it. As I said, I hate fantasy books normally but the fact that this had everything from a twisted love story to an epic battle about prejudice and hate.

I don't want to give too much of the story away, as it's not released until the 3rd but when it is please please please read it! 

Being a bookseller I am always asked to recommend books to people. Having said that I love recommendations myself. So here comes the fantastic fiction link up. A place where every fortnight you can host a book review or two on your blog and share it with other people looking for the next greatest thing to read!

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  1. Thanks for the linky, I write book reviews quite often so I'll try and to remember to link them up regularly xx