I Want To Dance

Max is pretty active. He also loves attention, music and anything that revolves around the entertainment industry. Don't let that 3 year old facade fool you. He's already convinced us he is going to be a rock star, perform in musicals and be an actor in the movies (Jared Leto eat your heart out!). 

Having done musical theatre for a good chunk of my life and Scott studied theatre at college it makes sense for our little drama king to want a piece of the action. Ever since he took to the stage at 8 months and helped my best friends take a bow he's had the stage bug.

So I thought one thing we could do to harness all the energy was to enrol him in dance class. Pavilion Dance is a group that hosts dance classes, performances and anything creative for all ages and abilities. So when I saw that they had a class called Mini Movies, on a morning we were free and for under £4 a week (pay as you go too!) I knew that we had to go!

Each week his confidence has grown and his co-ordination has got better. I don't know if it's the fact he's besotted with his teacher Ruby who is so enigmatic and engages the children's imagination perfectly. Or if it's the fact he gets to dance and stomp and shout in a room where he's praised for it (because it isn't 3am!).

Each week we go and get breakfast are taking daddy to work, head over to the gorgeous dance centre and dance away. The great thing about it is that the parents are told they have to join in. Working together means that me and Max get that great bonding time and we also get to learn something awesome to show daddy when we pick him up after!

So here's to Max. Ever the extrovert. Ever the attention seeker and one day hopefully gracing a stage soon (probably sooner rather than later if some of my friends have anything to do with it!)


  1. This sounds like fun activity both for child and parent.

  2. Great post! It sounds like a really good idea.

  3. Oh this sounds fab and he certainly sounds like a natural :) xx

  4. We really need one here. My girls would go nuts!!
    Come show me your moves, Max!!!