Max's Room

So I got to the stage last week where I was fed up of the site of 99% of the things we owned. I get phases like this and end up doing a massive purge, selling loads of Ebay and then vowing never to end up with that much junk again. Until next time..

Luckily Scott's parents offered to take Max for the day so instead of doing what a normal parent would do (bath, craft, bed, tv catch up). I spent 6 hours cleaning like mad. Filling 3 boxes of stuff to sell, 4 bin bags and 2 recycling bags later I was done. 

Now I love Max's room. I don't think he will ever get a room with this much space again. So he makes the most of it and we spread his toys out, have space to read and space to play. This needed a bit of reorganising as it had grown a bit tired. So here are some touches to his room. I'll probably do a proper room tour later when we've picked up a few things but for now I'm happy with the progress!

(sorry for the shoddy panorama)

His reading corner is my favourite. 3 massive boxes of books for him to choose, a comfy chair and soft toys to cuddle. Who wouldn't love this to be honest!


  1. Adore Max's room! Love all the Disney characters and adore the book corner! x

  2. What a lovely little room he has :) xx