My Craft Storage Ideas

So as a few of you know I love to craft as a hobby. That's not to say I'm the best at the task or I actually finish projects I start. But since moving back into my mum's I've found my motivation has sunk. Mainly because all my fabrics and tools are hidden away in boxes under a table. So the genius that is me thought that I could buy a nice storage unit to hold it all and then I will be able to start crafting properly again!

The Ikea Option:
Well the Ikea option appears to be the most sensible. By buying the Expedit unit and filling it with drawers and cupboards I could use one side for all the raw materials and the other side for ongoing projects. I could also make or buy drawer dividers to partition them out. Having my sewing box and machine on top would then inspire me to actually get off my bum and do something!
Total: £80ish depending on the colour combinations.

The Argos Option:
A plastic drawer unit on wheels would work well for keeping things organised. Whilst it isn't as pretty it is fairly practical and would still allow me to hold my sewing machine on top. The only thing that worries me is plastic units like this are notorious for not actually holding as much as what they should as they start to buckle under the weight. 
Total: £27.99

The Next Option:
Alternatively I could just go all out and get a desk unit like this one from Next. Having the storage space on the side will allow me to fit perspex boxes with all my crafts in there and have the desk area free for my sewing machine to fit. Of course I don't have the space for that at the moment but something like this would be practical and wouldn't mean that I would have to move my sewing machine elsewhere to start crafting. 
Total: £175

So there you have it. Some craft storage solutions that I really want (please birthday fairy!)


  1. We have the ikea ones, They're great to hide away the girls nappies etc in my living room. I also have the argos ones in pink for all my craft stuff in my bedroom!!

  2. LOVE dont know if youve got space but we're going to be selling our two Ikea four square things before we go- got some baskets to go in them (pink and blue ) and a 4 door fronts too - and an ikea desk with pink legs, for you and maxy £30 for the lot ;)


  3. We have 2 Expedit units from Ikea for all of our record storage, theyre awesome :)
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten