My Favourite Apps

Apart from Instagram, Blogger and Twitter I have a handful of apps I never remove from my phone. Some are handy and some are great for killing time. 

  • My Fitness Pal - Loads of people use this fab fitness tracker. It's great for me to work out what I'm eating and how it balances against my exercise. I use it with my Polar watch to track how I'm doing with my weight loss.
  • Toca Lab - This great kid's app is perfect for Max and me to play with. Each little cute character takes the form of a different element. Play with each element and you work out what it connects with and how it can create something different.
  • Wunderlist - I write lists for everything. Pbloggers, blogging, tidying, shopping. It all has a list and it all get's ticked off. This allows me to track everything I need to do and sort out my time better.
  • BuzzFeed - The ultimate app for rubbish quizzes and hilarious articles. I normally browse in the morning over breakfast to start my day off. It's so much better seeing a cute cat than the grim weather.
  • Puzzler World - I'm a sucker for a crossword so when I got the opportunity to try all the puzzles on the app I swiftly went through the majority of them! Each puzzle has a time limit. Once you complete it you get the chance to play a bonus round and when that is done you get to win some coins to help you with hints. So not only do you get one amazing game, you also get another to go with it. The bonus and extra games only cost a minimum of £1.99. So much cheaper than buying some puzzle books! It's great for killing 5 minutes every now and again when you need to de-stress.
  • Afterlight - This is my go to editing app. It allows me to tweak the colours, brightness and make my photo seem that little bit better for IG!
What are your favourite apps?