Scooting Good Time

I think every parent looks at their child zooming away on a scooter and secretly want's a go. Don't tell me you haven't wished you had a scooter to chase after them instead of running like a maniac because I have!

That's where this little beauty comes in. The Cox Swain Scooter is a more grown up version of the ones our kiddies are pushing around the park. With massive sturdy wheels, a great break and a big grip pad this is big enough to accommodate even the size 13's that our men's shoes are!

So far I have test driven it on the pavement after popping the car in for an MOT (it failed but I got home in half the speed). In the skate park whilst Max was on his scooter (see the photo of Scott below) and even to the shops to grab a few things (we realised that maybe a rucksack would be helpful!).

There's a great carry strap that means you don't have to worry about lugging it about and even a kick stand so you don't have to try and balance it when you go into the shop to go get some sweets (for your child obviously)!

Have any of you thought about or invested in a scooter? Do you find it as fun as us?

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