Thinking Slimmer

I've always had an unhealthy relationship with food and weight. Whether that be eating too much throughout pregnancy and failing to lose it after or trying every fad diet going. Nothing seems to help me shift the pounds.

I've recently started watching what I eat and trying to be more active. Simple but I never thought it would work. I've managed to lose just over a stone so far and I need a bit more encouragement to keep me going. 

This is where Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer comes into play. 
They have a simple to use podcast that you listen to each night as you fall asleep. The theory is that listening to something whilst you are sleeping means your subconscious is being told all about the things that you should be doing differently. All those nasty habits of picking at the biscuits will eventually be replaced with things to help you and spur you on to lose weight. 

I wear weight really badly. It sticks on my face and tummy whilst my arms and legs are still fairly slim in proportion. I'm fed up of being the fat mum at play group and being scared I will make a fool out of myself at the park so I want to change. Not just for me but for Max. I want him to be proud of his mum and I want Scott to think he's got a smoking hot wife to be. 

My main gripe is that I work in the evenings. Too early to eat dinner and finishing too late to eat after too. It means that I pick at things that aren't good for me. I pick up comfort food in the supermarkets. I spend loads of time sitting down blogging rather than getting up of my feet. I choose food when I could easily pick up some knitting or cross stitch.

They have set me up with the 12 week Helping Hands programme. A mentor will be on hand with helping me reach my goals and I have the slim pod to listen to each night. 

So wish me luck!