Two little monkeys

I remember putting Max into nursery for the first time and being so scared that I was leaving my 9 month old in a strange place with strange people. Unsurprisingly Max got on with it, made some wonderful friends and has grown up so much. 

Max made one friend in particular though. A boy with enough energy to keep up with him, a mind of a trickster to team up with Max when they had a cunning plan and the most infectious laugh that would keep them going all day. 

Max and Kayden are thick as thieves, they act like a pair of class clowns. The fact that they aren't in the same preschool any more doesn't bother them as when they get together it's as though that time hasn't even passed at all. Like everything falls back into place. His parents are great friends to us and getting together is like one big party (not forgetting Kayden's most adorable little brother ever!).

This week was Kayden's third birthday so we all headed to Marwell Zoo to try and see some animals amongst the hectic screams of laughter. 

See I told you thick as thieves. Max wanted to get Kayden the same jumper as him for his birthday. So they can look the same and because sharks are awesome (his words not mine!).


  1. OKAY, I can't even handle the cuteness!

  2. Awww such cuties together! I loved it when Amelia started making friends at nursery :)
    Rosie x
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